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Auteur Fil de discussion: Prometeia Mach 2 GT MODED  (Lu 1894 fois)
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« le: 19 Novembre 2012 à 00:32:37 »


I've received 100% stock prommie mach 2 GT for modding:

100% stock except custom Lian-li style case .

Plan was changing evaporator with longer suction line to make it compatible with all newest CPUs, tuning on 315W, cleaning, making new insulation.

Final mods list:

-100% new piping
-new braided 100cm long suction line
-42mm steeper evap with holddown
-added 2nd condenser (2 in series, both in front of case)
-added 3rd 120x38mm fan (2 fans on condensers)
-simple electric with 12V PSU and on/off switch
-pipes painting (clear coat)
-drilled bigger holes in front panel (better air flow).

Looks fresh and it is able to hold 315W :yepp:.

That will be benching unit now .

-39*C no loaded/-29*C on 315W dummyload.


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