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Auteur Fil de discussion: Repaired units  (Lu 1445 fois)
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« le: 20 Octobre 2013 à 22:07:01 »


Last time I've repaired 3 units :

-small LD unit based on NL11F
-Mach 2 GT in custom alu-frame housing
-"big" LD unit based on rotary.

All units from one Denmark owner. Owner of units supply me some parts needed for mods + I make new suction lines with new evaps.

Owner do not want any visual mods of units, just to make them working again.

-new 110cm long suction line by me , evaporator 54mm
-mounting second conder (supplied by owner of unit)
-chaning compressor to  brand new LG 14.3k BTU

Prometeia Mach 2 GT:
-changing suction line to new, 42mm evaporator
-new pipes and drier

Small LD unit:
-new  suction line by me,42mm evaporator
-new drier

Rotary compressor from big LD unit have been "dead" as owner said before work, but I have checked it and it work fine :up::yepp::.

So I make 4th unit basing on that compressor + black ECO condenser supplied by owner + one of old LD's suction line (check it for leaks + redone insulation). Those will be new GPU unit .

Final results (unloaded and loaded temperatures) :

Nice box for transport DK->PL .

Brand new LG NJ282PAD for big unit.

Some shiny and red stuff made by me .

Big unit done (© mika). Result @315W.

Small LD unit done (© mika). Result @280W.

And Mach 2 done (© mika) . Result @280W.

4th unit based on parts which left from mods + "spare" condenser. :up:Result @315W.

And all ready to go PL->DK .


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