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Auteur Fil de discussion: Silent and strong chiller  (Lu 3007 fois)
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« le: 23 Janvier 2011 à 02:59:49 »


It's strong and silent chiller. For me it's very hard to connect big cooling power and silent in chiller with one compressor. So I used two - Aspera NE2134GK, IMO those compressors are almost same silent as NL11F - each one work with one plate HX, plate HXes are connected in series.

2 compressors ...

2 condensers ...

2 plate HXes ....

Pressure gauges and controller is on top of case because owner want to have really low case, and also not too wide and long that was really tricky to mount all inside it.

It works using very silent and quite strong fans - SilenX Ixtrema IXP-76-18, 16 fans were used.

Pump is also silent and enought strong Swiftech MCP-655.

With R507 unit was capable to hold 500W heatload in liquid with -22*C with very low sound level .

compressor: 2x Aspera NE2134GK
heat exchanger: 2x plate HXes 20 plates
condensers: 2x 1.9kW each one with 4x SilenX Ixtrema IXP-76-18 153m3/h, 18dB
safety: 2x Danfoss Cut-offs
refrigerant : R507+R134a (mainly R134a)
case: black custom case
pump : Swiftech MCP-655 (Laing D5)
reservoir : Swiftech MC-RES Micro 2
others: electronic controller CAREL with touch buttons, REFCO pressure gauges, 6x SilenX Ixtrema IXP-76-18 153m3/h, 18dB in back of case .

That's loaded with 500W "tea" heater put in liquid. Carel's probe isn't put in liquid on that photo.
That was with pure R507.

But person who order it want only around 0*C loaded ...
So I fill it with R134a and it make +2*C with 500W load.

Pressures are quite low, even fully loaded.

Do You like it ? :rolleyes:


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« Répondre #1 le: 23 Janvier 2011 à 11:05:45 »

One more time
Awesome Job.
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« Répondre #2 le: 23 Janvier 2011 à 12:00:43 »


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